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Misandyco Holdings Ltd is a diversified portfolio company, that has been trading in the steel and coal business activity for many years. It owns various production plants in Ukraine.


Misandyco is also involved in fuel trading, more particularly importing fuel to Ukraine from EU refineries, in light of the current shortage.

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Misandyco is an active and successful trader in the metallurgical and steel industry. We are proud of the products we offer to our customers. These are armature, wire rod, billets and manganese alloys.

At Misandyco, we believe in collaboration, that’s why our customers and partners are so important to us. We focus on sourcing the best and most reliable partners.

The company Misandiko has extensive experience in the production, marketing and sale of metal. We have brought together the best to ensure quality and value for our customers.

Misandyco is a leading oil products trading company. We supply premium diesel fuel with efficient worldwide distribution. Fast and prompt delivery helps us maintain long-term relationships with our customers. We work qualitatively and efficiently. We have a well qualified and certified operational team. We will develop new businesses that will lead to further development and prosperity in the coming years. We are moving towards strengthening our position in the market every day.

Misandyco is a wholesale supplier of a wide range of coal. We are a reliable partner when it comes to supplying high-quality coal.

Our principle of coal trading is a high-quality and economically profitable product with minimal time expenditure. We care about environmental protection. Therefore, we offer customers to clean coal with very low ash content and low sulfur and nitrogen content. Our dedicated logistics team is committed to accepting customer requirements and offering full logistics support.

We supply quality coal through direct and indirect sources and we offer it at reasonable prices.

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In 2022, due to the economic situation in Ukraine and overall fuel deficiency, Misandyco identified a new business opportunity to enter the fuel market.
The long term strategy of Misandyco is to continue to be a key player in the various markets that it is involved in, whilst at the same time complying with all laws and standards of the various countries that it has business relationships with.

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